Laser Eye Surgery vs contact lenses


1.      Contact lenses pose greater risks to your eye health

According to the scientific studies carried out by The British Contact Lens Association:

The risk of sight compromising infection is 1 in 500 for extended wear contact lenses (which is actually higher than the risk of undergoing laser eye surgery; this risk goes down by a factor of five to 1 in 2,500 for daily disposable lenses). In comparison, the risk of infection with laser eye surgery is about 1 in 10,000

2.      Laser Eye Surgery is much more cost efective than contact lenses

Long term use of contact lenses has greater financial impacts than undergoing laser treatment

3.      Contact lenses limit sports, exercise, and social activities

Contact lenses have advantages over glasses having wider peripheral vision and less chance of a restricted view however it takes only one slip of the lens and you are limited!

Laser Eye Surgery doesn’t restrict your, so you’re free to engage in whatever activities

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