It is a disease characterized by raise of intraocular pressure, changes in optic nerve and defects in visual field

It can occur in every age even newborn infants.
It can be acute and chronic.
Acute cases manifestation is with unilateral headaches, eye redness and occasionally accompanied by vomiting. Chronic cases of the disease have slow progress without characteristic signs while damaging the eye in irreversible way. In many cases it occurs after the age of 40. The most common complain of these patients is frequent change of near-sighted glasses. Children with born glaucoma are noticed to have bigger eyes than other children of the same age.

Treatment of this disease can be medicated as well as surgical. Principally, cases uncontrolled with medicines are preferred to have surgical interventions. Most frequent methods of surgical treatment are: Trabeculotomia applied in born glaucoma as well as fistulizing methods (I-shanti, trabeculectomy) applied in adults.
If this disease is not treated on time consequences are unrecoverable for vision. If you notice that child has big eyes and you need frequent change of near-sighted glasses, you should visit an ophthalmologist for a detailed check-up.

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