Pediatric Surgey

Congenital Cataract

Congenital cataract is a unique entity of blurred lens from birth.
It can occur in one side, occasionally both eyes. Reasons of its appearance can be of different nature though genetic effect as well as viral infections in first trimester of the pregnancy have special role. Often, presence of cataract in a newborn is followed with different anomalies not only in the organ of vision but other systems of the organism within the frames of different syndromes.

Congenital cataract treatment is surgical and it should be performed as soon as possible. Regarding the intraocular lens implant opinions are divided. Some think that the implantation should take place at later stages when the eye stops growing, but others prefer the implantation during the first surgery.
Nevertheless, post-surgical treatment must be under the strict supervision of ophthalmologist in order to undertake all measures for amblyopia prevention since solely the cataract surgery of the newborn is not the solution.

Neonatal Dacryocystitis

It is a condition appearing in the early newborn period characterized with increased tearing and secretion. It a result of a blocked tear duct, a process usually occurring in the newborn infants.
The treatment starts with application of antibiotics and instruction of the parents on the massage in the region of lacrimal sac. In the point when duct is not unblocked invasive procedures are applied such as: probing, silicone tube intubation to thedacryocystorhinoscomy, a quite complicated surgical procedure which is undertaken whenprevious procedures did not give expected results.
All these methods are applied in our clinic.


Strabismus is deviation of the eye (optic axis) of one or both eyes. Deviation may be within – towards the nose and called convergent Strabismus i.e. with new terminology Esotropia, or outside that is called divergent Strabismus or Exotropia. Optic axis deviation may be upward – Hypertyropia and lower Hypotropia, or can be found different combinations, horizontal Strabismus with vertical components, rotational etc.

The three main types of surgery are

- Muscle weakness

- Muscle strengthening

- Changing the position of the muscles

Muscle weakening procedures

- Reccesion (Retropositio)

- Marginal myotomy

- Posterior fixation suture (Faden procedure)

Muscle strengthening procedures

- Resection (Myectomy)

- Trucking (Duplication, folding)

- Anteroposition

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