Diopter Examinations

It is a superior device (four in one) that features four main functions

Dioptric measurement, keratometry measurement,pachymetry and measuring eye pressure with air. In our daily work we encounter a lot of patient complaints for inadequate dioptric setting!

This device is very reliable and it distinguishes us from others in adequate dioptric setting. Our clinic has established a protocol where each patient prior to examination by the ophthalmologist is submitted to a dioptric and eye pressure measurement with this device.

SCHWIND MS-39 optical coherence tomograph (OCT) provides a quantum leap in corneal diagnosis

Best possible treatment decisions can be made thanks to an impressive level of detail. The combination of the latest generation of spectral domain OCT and Placido topography offers excellent resolution and reveals the structure of the cornea down to the last detail.

Cross-sectional images with an extremely large diameter of a maximum of 16 millimetres can be displayed for the entire anterior segment of the eye.

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